How to turn the belt into the highlight of your outfit?

The accessory can make any look more elevated, stylish or suitable for the body.

Anyone who likes fashion and pays attention to trends knows how important accessories are. A great and memorable outfit is made not only of fashion clothes but also of pretty and cool accessories. Purses, earrings, necklaces, sunglasses, kerchiefs and hats, for example, can turn a basic look into a bold creation in few minutes.

Beyond these options, another famous accessory that can elevate any look is the belt. Mainly used to hold pants, shorts and skirts, the belts were invented at the Bronze Age, approximately 3,000 BC, and have been updated over the centuries. Now, they are great bets to complete the clothes’ combination, emphasize women’s curves and make the look more elegant or stylish.

With many materials, shapes, sizes and details, the belts are in men’s and women’s wardrobes and are pretty useful for everyday situations. If you want to use the accessory as the highlight of the outfit, check out some tips and advices.

1. Colorful belt with neutral color clothes

Your fabric or leather belt can be used with a neutral outfit to bring some color. With a white t-shirt and a pair of jeans, you can choose a colorful belt to elevate the basic look. A pink, red, green, yellow or purple belt will make you look casual and cool.

Depending on its material and shape, it can make your look even more elegant: a leather mustard belt combined with leather animal print mocassins, for example, can make your outfit more formal and sophisticated.

2. Metallic belt with an all-black look

All-black is never wrong, regardless of cold or hot days. However, if you want to break the heaviness of dark garments, a metallic leather belt is a chic and modern choice.

Golden, silver or coppered models will create the division between top and bottom clothes and turn the look elevated, once the metallic references are associated with modernity. Also, you can match the accessory with shoes and purses.

3. Belts with decorative buckles

The buckles are an important part of the belt since they are located on the front of the garment. They can be rounded, square, rectangular or in other shapes, such as triangles, hearts and skulls.

Also, a belt buckle may have other details, such as beads, strasses and spikes. Therefore, any belt with a different and bold buckle will make your belt the highlight of the outfit, regardless of your style.

4. Combination of 2 or 3 thin belts

Looking for an innovative fashion idea to break the monotony? The combination of two or three thin belts will help to define your waist, valuing the silhouette and curves, but will make it in a very young and cool way.

Choose some thin belts, which can be in the same or different colors, and organize them in your wait over a dress or large t-shirt. If you want an even cooler result, keep the buckles scruffy.

5. Over your blazer

Going to work or social situations on cold days is a synonym of wearing a stylish and warm blazer, but some of them may be oversized and flat the silhouette. One way to solve this situation is putting a large belt over the blazer, defining and cinching the waist. They can be both blazer and belt, in the same color or in different colors or shades, which highlights the accessory even more.

6. Over your smock

Smocks are naturally large and undefined, but you can turn them into feminine, cool and defined garments with a pretty belt. Put the accessory over the smock, preferably in a color that contrasts with the garment, to define the waist and make you feel chic and powerful. Belts with bold buckles are also welcome in this kind of outfit.

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