Best regions in Mexico City to buy a home

Discover great areas to live and acquire a property in CDMX

Buying a house is always a big deal. There are several criteria to consider, such as values, location, security, view and other topics related to housing, such as proximity to family, friends, work and school. Also, after analyzing all these topics, it is necessary to develop a financial plan. It will be fundamental to guarantee that you’ll be able to pay for the acquisition.

In Mexico City, there are several regions, districts and neighborhoods with houses and apartments available to buy. Since it is the national capital, it is expected that the real estate market is huge, with many possibilities for those who want to acquire a property.

According to the Sociedad Hipotecaria Federal, the average price of a house in CDMX is almost 3 million pesos. However, it is fundamental to evaluate the places carefully and search for information about how everyday life is in those areas.

To help you to find the ideal house for you and your family, we have separated some of the best regions in Mexico City to buy a property.

Venustiano Carranza

The research “Ciudades más habitales de México 2019”, made by the strategic communication office, pointed Venustiano Carranza as the best location to live in Mexico City. Some of the criteria considered were social cohesion, values and satisfaction with municipal services.

Venustiano Carranza is a central area, which brings together all the services and product stores needed to live well. Markets, restaurants, schools, gyms, drugstores and shopping malls. Living in the region allows many families to assure their well-being and life quality. Also, for those who do not have or intend to have a car, the district is served by 19 subway stations.

The region includes many cultural spaces, such as the Centro Cultural Venustiano Carranza and the Archivo General de la Nación; some markets, like La Merced, Jamaica and Sonora; and the international airport of Mexico City, great for those who intend to travel inside the country or abroad.


Located in the central region of Mexico City, Cuauhtémoc offers many spaces to discover and enjoy, also attracting many tourists. The region also includes the La Condesa and La Roma neighborhoods, known for their nightlife and cultural strength. Still, the area is a gastronomic center, with many restaurants and pubs.

Cuauhtemóc is also a great option for those who like to spend time in public spaces and practice exercises outdoors. Paseo de la Reforma, Jardín del Arte, Plaza de las Tres Culturas, Parque México and Parque España are great places for leisure, especially for those who have children and want to take them out. The area is still perfect for bike rides and running.

Still, Cuauhtemóc has grown and developed in recent years, becoming a place of desire for many Mexicans and even foreigners. However, there are housing options for different budgets and lifestyles, including many houses and apartments ready to move in.

Benito Juárez

More residential than the other places in this text, Benito Juárez is the perfect option for young couples and families with children. The neighborhood is quiet, complete with all the necessary facilities, and, above all, with those places that are essential for families with children: schools, public parks, and comfortable apartments.

According to the United Nations Development Project, Benito Juárez has the highest Human Development Index (HDI) of Mexico, which makes the area one of the best places to buy a property and live for some years. The neighborhood also includes great transport options, making it easy to move to other regions of the city, especially with public transportation.

Finally, Benito Juárez stands out for its work and study options. In the zone, there are several companies and professional opportunities available, a key point for the fathers’ and mothers’ financial stability. Finally, some of the best schools in town are located in Benito Juarez neighborhoods.

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